Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ghana's Africa World to go regional from late 2013/2014

Africa World Airlines will from November this year extend its network coverage into the West African sub-region with Accra to Lagos flights from November followed by Abuja and Freetown in December. 

The Ghana News Agency quotes Mr Apiigy Afenu, AWA's Chief Operations Officer (COO), as saying that his airline's ambitious plans to expand regionally are based on its having secured a 15% domestic Ghanaian market share. 

As such, AWA has been granted rights to serve Monrovia Roberts, Dakar and Banjul all of which it intends to serve effective 2014. Echoing the CEOs of fellow Ghanaian operators Antrak Air and Starbow Airlines, Mr Afenu bemoaned the state of infrastructure at airports in Ghana, Tamale and Kumasi in particular, and urged authorities to take urgent steps to repair and restore them.

Source: CH-Aviation